Photo courtesy of  Sharmila Photography

Photo courtesy of Sharmila Photography

artist statement

I've always been a storyteller.  I especially love simple street stories about people, places, and things.  My gaze can settle upon almost anything as I wander the streets, camera at the ready — rusted locks, chipped paint, ripped fabric, a smashed, smudged, crayon lying in pieces. 

My images often symbolize themes of transition, change, displacement, not surprising, given my Indian immigrant roots. But I also constantly try to capture the stillness and spaciousness in the world around, images that tempt the viewer to stop, breathe. I'm fascinated by thresholds — walls, doors and windows, returning to these images time and time again, across cities, countries, continents.

As the legendary photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson noted, I do not believe that taking a particular photograph is predetermined, rather it offers itself to you spontaneously and you simply accept it. 

To me, the lens is a mystical force and I approach it with humility.

— Chitra Ragavan